Volunteer With Us

There are lots of different ways to get involved with us. From volunteering at one of our outreach events, to taking on more responsibility as part of our Staff or Executive Committee. You’ll gain all sorts of skills and experience, and have the chance to work with lots of space organisations and members of the community.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee represent UKSEDS. They manage staff, control the budget, and are legally responsible for the good running of the charity as its charitable trustees. Executive roles require a significant time commitment and should not be taken on lightly, but offer the opportunity to gain valuable management, communication, and teamwork skills. Experience of similar roles in university societies is recommended but not required provided applicants are enthusiastic and willing to learn.


Staff make the vision of UKSEDS a reality. They organise events, create new resources, and work with other members of the space community. Staff are divided into 6 teams: careers, outreach, marketing, operations, membership, and systems administrations – so there’s plenty to get involved in!

Interested in helping out? Find out more and apply for the team here!