Launch of “Space for Sustainability” award

Launch of "Space for Sustainability" award

ESA and the European Interparliamentary Space Conference (EISC) are proud to launch the ‘Space for Sustainability’ Award for European students and young professionals who have made significant space-related contributions to sustainable development in our society. EISC is a forum where members of parliaments of European states meet to coordinate their activities related to space. In […]

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Institute for Interstellar Studies – PRINCIPIUM


We are pleased to announce the launch of the Institute for Interstellar Studies’ (I4IS) official newsletter, PRINCIPIUM. The newsletter can be downloaded here: There is also a link to a page on the BIS Website mentioning the potential Alpha Centauri Prize and our possible involvement. Our Vice Chair will be discussing the prize with I4IS […]

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Lynx Space Academy

Fragrance company Lynx announces competition to send a selected winner into outer space. The competition which opened 3 days ago, firstly requires the participant to get up voted by friends & family via their website with the top 200 making it through to the UK national challenge. The UK challenge will be held in London […]

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Scholarship Opportunity to attend the IAASS Conference “Safety is not an Option”


International Association for the Advancement of Space Safety (IAASS) and Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) are teaming up to organise the 2012/2013 Space Safety Competition. The awardees of the scholarship will be supported to participate into the next IAASS conference “Safety is not an Option” that will be held from 21st – 23rd May, 2013 in […]

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NASA seeks concepts for innovative uses of large space telescopes

In early 2011, NASA was given access to residual hardware (shown as drawings above) that could form the basis of a space based observatory. This equipment has the potential to greatly reduce the cost of a major facility. It consists of 2 sets of space qualified telescope hardware with a 2.4 meter f/1.2, lightweight ULE primary mirror configured in an f/8 system with < 20% Obstructed Aperture. The unvignetted field of view is approximately 1.80 Diameter and the wavefront quality is less than 60 nm rms. The system is designed for actuated secondary mirror positioning.

NASA is exploring options for innovative and imaginative uses of two large space telescopes recently transferred to the agency. In a request for information (RFI) published Monday, NASA seeks information about system concepts and architectures that would take advantage of these assets to address NASA’s goals in astrophysics, heliophysics, planetary sciences, and human spaceflight. “Because […]

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Discover Space Challenge


Discover Magazine are running a very neat competition for Arduino-based satellites. See the link for contest guidelines, here .

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IAC2012 Student Paper Competition results.


UKSEDS are pleased to announce the results of the UK student paper selection for the 2012 International Astronautical Congress in Naples in October. The selection took place at the British Interplanetary Society in London last Thursday, 31 May. The winners are: –Undergraduate– Alessandro Grasso – University of Bristol Feasibility Study of an Ultra-Low Altitude Hyperspectral […]

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UK Space Agency ISU Scholarships competition open


The UK Space Agency has opened the 2012 round of its International Space University competitive scholarship scheme. The scheme is open to UK citizens to help fund them to attend ISU’s Space Studies Programms and MSc programmes. Up to £30,000 is being made available to be shared between successful candidates. Chris Brunskill attended the 2011 […]

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UKSEDS Project Competition


At yesterday’s Workshop we announced our new Project Competition open to all UKSEDS branches. Simply come up with an excellent idea for a branch project, create a project outline and submit it to the UKSEDS Committee. We will then select the best idea(s) and present your branch with up to £500 to be put towards […]

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ESA launches 2012 Drop Your Thesis programme

The European Space Agency is proud to announce a new edition of the ‘Drop Your Thesis!’ programme. Through this programme, a team of Master/PhD students will be given the opportunity to carry out a microgravity experiment, as part of their syllabus, in the ZARM Drop Tower Facility, in Bremen, Germany. This facility is one of […]

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