10th October 2020




UKSEDS invites you to take part in the Student Space Symposium on October 10th 2020. The symposium is a virtual event that provides students the opportunity to write and present space-related papers to an audience of their peers and be published in the symposium proceedings. The best submissions will also be published in an issue of the Journal of the BIS (JBIS)* (see more here).

The call for abstracts has now closed. Thank you to all who submitted one for evaluation. We will notify you by the 15th of August if you have been accepted into the symposium proceedings.

If you did not submit an abstract, or were not chosen to present at the symposium, don't worry. We are intending to run the Student Space Symposium again in the future.

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The proceedings of the Symposium will be broadcast live on the Nebula conferencing platform, where attendees will be able to watch, ask questions, learn more about our event sponsors, and more! Click the 'watch' button at the top of this page to go to the platform website.

Programme ยป

In June we put out a call for abstracts, and received a phenomenal 68 responses. Click to see the top 18 entries and the time that their authors will be presenting.


Please send any queries to [email protected].


When you have completed your papers, send them to [email protected]. Don't forget to also send a short biography and profile picture for the programme.