Space Jobs Challenge

This challenge is open to year 5 and 6 students. Simply write a letter applying to one of the jobs and you will receive a reply letting you know if you got the job. We encourage you to be as creative as possible when writing your letters. There is no minimum amount required. However, we ask that letters be kept to one side of A4 + any supporting material such as (pictures/photos of sample work). Submission can be a picture of a handwritten letter or a typed letter.

Exactly what you write in your letter is up to you! But, to help you get started we have listed a few key points below: 

  • Is there anything you have learned in school that would help you in the job?
  • Why do you like space and why have you chosen this job?
  • Why will you be good at this job?
  • Could you be creative and attach a drawing or photo to help your application?

The class which sends the best letters will receive a prize (we require 10 submissions for a class to be considered for the prize which will be announced in due course). However, if a class is smaller than 10 please let us know and we will still consider your class. Applications close on 10th December and we will work as quickly as possible to get them back to you. 

Submit your letter to us here. Please note you will need to login to a google account to submit. Some google accounts may not allow for submission, if this is an issue you can email [email protected] to arrange an alternative solution.  

Please make sure that no personal information is added to the letter, such as last names, home and/or school address. We hope to provide a personal reply to every pupil’s letter, but cannot do so if personal information is provided


Astronauts are trained to go into outer space. They conduct missions to the International Space Station and astronauts are due to return to the moon in 2024! Astronauts perform experiments in space and conduct repairs to the International Space Station. Their job involves many different skills so they have to go years of training to go on missions. It is difficult to become an astronaut but they have to work hard at school to learn about science so they can learn about travelling to space. 

Hints: Maybe you could answer some of the following questions in your letter: What do you love about space? Do you have a favourite Astronaut? Why would you like to go into space?

Space Suit Designer 

Astronauts need specially designed suits for when they go to space. Space is a very dangerous environment so Astronauts need to be protected when they go outside. Space is incredibly cold, there is dangerous radiation from the sun and space suits must also deal with the difference in pressure. Space suits must deal with all of those challenges but still be comfortable and allow astronauts to move easily. We want to hear why you are interested in designing space suits and if you can make them look more fashionable. 

Hints: Maybe you could answer some of the following questions in your letter: How are you going to make sure the space suit is comfortable? Are you interested in making space suits more fashionable? Have you got any design ideas?

Climate Scientist

What’s the weather going to be like tomorrow? What about in 10 years? A Climate scientist loves to answer those types of questions! As a Climate Scientist, you’ll learn about weather and climate change using satellites to look at the Earth from space. Some Climate Scientists study how ice at the north or south poles changes, how clouds form, or even measure pollution levels from space! Your day-to-day role as a Climate Scientist can be very varied: writing computer code, building weather stations, or working with satellites and other space scientists. We want to know how you’re going to protect the planet! 

Hints: Maybe you could answer some of the following questions in your letter: What do you love about Planet Earth? How do you think we might beat Climate Change? What do you do to be eco-friendly?

Space Engineer

As a spacecraft engineer, you get to be the person that everyone relies on! You will design the spacecraft that astronauts will fly on! If anyone has any questions about how the spacecraft works or needs any clarifications, they will come to you; simply because you will know everything about the spaceship. You will also have the chance to perform tests on the spacecraft and confirm that everything works exactly as it should!

Hints: Maybe you could answer some of the following questions in your letter:  What do you want your spacecraft to look like? How are you going to test the spacecraft before it flies in space?

Space Chef

Being a space chef is a fantastic job; it is like being a chef but many times cooler as you get to prepare food that is literally out of this world! Your creative and exciting recipes will have the chance to fly on top of a giant rocket and then be consumed in the most amazing restaurant of all: in outer space! Not only that, but you have to create food that reminds astronauts of life back on earth. Once a space chef prepares their space food, the food will be packaged in little boxes so space chefs have to think about the packaging as well. A demanding, but very creative and rewarding job!

Hints: Maybe you could answer some of the following questions in your letter: What kind of food do you think will help astronauts feel at home? What kind of tasty recipes will be able to be packaged in small boxes? What are some healthy foods that are essential to an astronaut's diet?


Astrophysicists love space! As an Astrophysicist, you’ll explore the Universe with telescopes on the ground (or up in space), and write computer code to work out the answers to questions like: “How was the Universe created?” or “Are there planets outside our solar system?”. Astrophysicists use maths, science, and geography to describe how planets (like the Earth) formed, discover what stars are made of, and search for alien life on other planets. Other Astrophysicists look at galaxies, black holes, or huge space explosions called supernovae! What would you like to discover?

Hints: Maybe you could answer some of the following questions in your letter: Do you have a favourite planet? What about aliens? Do you think we might find life on another planet? What’s your favourite fact about space?