Key Stage 4

Key Stage 4

This page contains activities we think are suitable for those working at the level of school years 10 and 11. Our activities are fun for all ages though, so don't forget to check out the activities on other pages. We want to see all your hard work so don't forget to send us your creations on social media. You can tweet us @UKSEDS

A fun crafting activity where you can make your own model of the solar system. Or be more creative and design whole new worlds. Print the certificate here.

A brilliant hands-on way to learn all about the Sun, Moon and Earth, and how they affect our daily lives. Print the certificate here.

We're going back to the moon and this time we want to stay. Help us design the first homes on the moon, but remember getting supplies into space is expensive so you'll have to work on a budget. Print the certificate here.

Another rocket science experiment! This activity looks at how we get rockets in to orbit, and lets you practise yourself. Will your rockets make it all the way? Print the certificate here.