About Ambassadors

Student Space Ambassadors are volunteers from a wide range of space related jobs and disciplines who offer their time and enthusiasm to demonstrate the value, diversity, and fascinating nature of the space sector to students across the UK. They engage with students inside and outside of the classroom - giving talks, running workshops and activities, and providing guidance and advice; ultimately helping to bring STEM and other space related subjects to life.

From my experiences working with schools and student groups I know the impact that enthusiastic volunteers can have on pupils and their aspirations. I am so excited about the Space Ambassadors scheme, and would like to thank our partners in organising it, who, like UKSEDS, are dedicated to making space accessible to all.

-Aine O'Brien, UKSEDS Executive Committee

By becoming a Student Space Ambassador, it’s your chance to inspire the next generation. Engaging students in space from a young age increases their interest and achievement in related subjects, and increases the number taking these subjects post 16 and going into space related careers. Your enthusiasm for space is a priceless resource. By combining it with quality resources and training on how best to engage with and teach students, you can have a highly positive effect as a Student Space Ambassador.

Running workshops at schools or clubs is a great practical way of teaching no matter your area of interest, be it business, astronomy, engineering, or space law to name just a few. You could also visit careers fairs or give talks or Q&A sessions, guiding students towards possible routes into space careers and giving advice that perhaps you wish you had had at their age.

Volunteering as a Student Space Ambassador will greatly benefit you too. You can improve your confidence and presentation skills, organisation and professionalism, and your ability to explain things in a simple manner.

“You will improve with every activity that you do and learn more about the topics that you talk about. Kids can have an amazing imagination, so you can find yourself answering great questions about things that you had never even considered!”

-Jacob Smith, Student Space Ambassador