SUSat was a mission to design, build and eventually launch the University of Southampton’s first ever satellite, a CubeSat named SUSat (Southampton University Satellite), the first Open CubeSat affiliated project.

2010 Annual report

SUSat logoThe following report sets out the requirements for a payload instrument, which is a technology demonstrator to realise the potential of using the Moon for vicarious calibration of Earth facing sensors. By studying the previous report, the project is also able to continue work on the Power (EPS), Attitude Determination and Control (ADCS) and On-Board Computing (OBC) subsystems, with the designs being developed, manufactured and tested.
The EPS has been successfully manufactured and tested on an actual sized PCB. The attitude determination and control system was defined and a preliminary analysis of all areas was completed with some hardware also being developed. An on-board computer has been purchased and associated peripheral hardware and software designed, to allow it to both control SUSat and transfer data.
The final aim of this year’s contributions to the project was to control the ADCS with the OBC whilst being powered by the EPS, and a prototype was successfully demonstrated.  Recommendations for future work include designing and manufacturing the payload, developing the subsystems further and submitting a proposal to the next ESA CubeSat workshop to secure a free launch on the Vega launch vehicle.
SUSat OBC, 2010 University of Southampton downloads: