Asteroid Search Campaign

Pan-STARRS asteroid search campaign

The Pan-STARRS asteroid search campaign starts on Monday 17th November and ends on Monday 17th December 2012.

The International Astronomical Search Collaboration (IASC=”Isaac”) works with the University of Hawaii to use the PS1 telescope on Haleakala to offer the Pan-STARRS Asteroid Search Campaign and they do this twice a year. The PS1 telescope is 1.8-m and produces images that are 7-degrees in size and with 1.4 billion pixels.  IASC partitions these enormous images into 208 sub-images that are distributed to various teams.

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The Pan-STARRS Campaign pairs universities (or teams).  The UKSEDS Asteroid Chasers will be paired with another group from elsewhere in the world (TBC).  Each week for the five weeks of the campaign, the team will receive 6-8 image sets to analyse.

SGAC “Find An Asteroid” search campaign

The Space Generation Advisory Council is partnering with the IASC for a SGAC Search Campaign, called “Find An Asteroid”. Thanks to some enthusiastic UKSEDS members, UKSEDS has been selected by SGAC to be one of 15 teams from around the world to participate in this campaign. Between 14th August to 18th September, they will collaborate as a research team via the internet, submitting a single MPC (Minor Planet Center) report to IASC on each of the image sets that they get during a week.

The campaign participants come from countries as diverse as: Iran, India, US, Germany, Puerto Rico, Canada, France, Vietnam, UK, Australia, Nepal, Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brazil, Russia, Portugal, Bolivia, Romania, Kuwait, Italy and Saudi-Arabia. They form national, regional or international teams.

Many thanks to: Ranji Gogoi, Sophie Lynn Williams, Yusef George Stylianou, Richard Painter and Ryan Laird for their successful applications.

Best of luck to the team!

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E-mail: [email protected] for more information.