Host an Event

Types of events

UKSEDS runs two types of events: workshops and conferences. These are hosted by our branches across the country.

The UKSEDS National Student Space Conference

The NSSC, usually held in late February or early March, takes place over two days and sees 350+ delegates attending. This year, Exeter are hosting on 4-5th March!

UKSEDS Workshops

Workshops are one day weekend events with around 50 attendees. They focus on a specific activity (eg. rocketry, robotics, or ballooning) and are typically hands-on events.
Bids are accepted all year round. Venue requirements for workshops vary depending on the activities. Host branches will be selected as workshops become available based on individual workshop requirements.

Selection criteria

Applications will be evaluated on key criteria including:

  • Location both nationally, and within the host city
  • Transport links: international airport, easy access to public transports etc.
  • Compliance with specific event topamax requirements (available as pdfs)
  • Quality of the proposed venue
  • Branch’s track record of involvement and motivation


Applications to host events must be resubmitted each year to ensure your branch details are up-to-date. Potential host branches should provide the following within their applications:

  • Facility descriptions
  • Details of transport and logistics
  • Demonstration of university departments/administration support
  • Estimated costs


UKSEDS Events Application Form – This .doc file should be completed to form the basis of your event bid. You must return it to as a .pdf file, attaching any additional/supporting documentation (in .pdf for files or .png/.jpeg for images) to the same email.
UKSEDS NSSC Venue Requirements – This document outlines all the UKSEDS National Student Space Conference venue requirements which need to be addressed. This is a must read if you plan on bidding for the conference.