Bath Radio Workshop 2017

radioworkshop3iLocation: Bath
Date: 10am – 4.30pm, Saturday 18th March 2017

Unfortunately, this event has been cancelled due to a lack of ticket sales. Want to see a different or new workshop? Email

Workshop Contents: With help from Bath SpaceSoc, EARS and the Radio Society of Great Britain, the workshop will begin with a basic introduction of the theory of radio, radio operation and its application followed by a number of demonstrations and interactive activities.

You will be able to try your hand at over-the air ‘contacts’ with radio amateurs in the area, as well as investigating the different ways in which radio can be used to transfer data (the example will be a high altitude balloon computer). There will also be a “fox hunt” (or DF hunt) in which you use directional antennas to hunt down radio sources hidden around the area.

Finally, we’ll have some Software Defined Radios on hand to demonstrate the practical applications of radio technology for communicating with satellites!

For more information on radio operation, rules and regulations, and how to complete your amateur license (or any other radio license) visit or email:


Arriving by car

The nearest car park is the East Car Park on the University campus. You can park anywhere in the car park apart from reserved bays and there is a charge of £2 for the day (until 5pm, after which parking is free). The East Car Park can be found by turning right at the bus stop. The car park is then on your left past The Edge. The South Car Park is also available for pay & display and can be accessed by taking a left turn before the first pedestrian crossing on Convocation Avenue. The East Car Park is around an 8-minute walk from the workshop room and the South Car Park around 12 minutes.

Arriving by train

Take the train to Bath Spa Station. Go straight ahead out of the exit and the bus stop is on the other side of the road to the left, past the pedestrian crossing. You can take the 17 or 18 Wessex buses or U1 First bus, all of which terminate at the campus bus stop.

Arriving by bus

National Express services (such as the 403 from London) stop at the bus station, so the bus stop to head to campus is on the other side of the road as you leave the terminus. Take the 17, 18 or U1, which all terminate at the University.

Once on campus:

First find your way to the bus stop. If coming from the South Car Park, cross at the pedestrian crossing, then follow the path past the Sports Training Village and the bus stop will be on your left. If coming from the East Car Park you will have seen the bus stop as you turned into the car park, so follow the edge of the Quads accommodation and Lime Tree cafeteria buildings to find your way back to the bus stop.

Once at the bus stop, take either set of steps up onto the Parade. A lift for disabled visitors is available by following the road between the steps, with the lift on the left. Then follow the Parade for its full length. You will pass the Students’ Union on the right, 4E (Mechanical Engineering) and 2E (Electrical Engineering) on the left, then the library on the right and 4W Café on the left. Keep left as you approach 4W Café so you pass under the left side of Wessex House, then go all the way down the ramp. Take a left at the bottom of the ramp through the automatic doors into 8W Level 1 (School of Management). Go through the second set of automatic double doors into reception, then turn left and go through the single door into the corridor. The workshop room (8W 1.32) is then halfway down the second section of corridor on the right.