See You Next Year!

The hugely successful National Student Space Conference 2013 has now ended. Thank you to all who came, spoke, and supported it, we look forward to seeing you next year.

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The following speakers have kindly made their presentations available:

Dr Jason Hatton / European Space Agency / The ESA ELIPS programme and European ISS Utilisation (pdf)

Prof. Ian Crawford / Royal Astronomical Society / The Global Exploration Strategy and Why it Matters (ppt)

John Thatcher / Astrium Satellites Ltd. / MIRI & the James Webb Space Telescope (pdf)

Keith Muirhead / HE Space / Jobs in Space (pdf)

Prof. Chris Welch / International Space University / A Quarter-Century of ‘3i’s Space Education: 25 Years of the International Space University (pdf)

Prof. Sa’id Mosteshar / London Institute of Space Policy and Law / Space Law & Policy: Fine Print and Grand Ambitions (docx)

Rosalind Azouzi / Royal Aeronautical Society / Career Launch: Job-Hunting, CV and Applications Advice for Budding Space Engineers (pdf)

Alistair Scott / British Interplanetary Society / The History of the British Interplanetary Society (pptx)

Dr Robert Massey / Royal Astronomical Society / The Royal Astronomical Society: Engaging Space Scientists and Astronomers with Wider Society (pptx)

Kelvin Long / Institute for Interstellar Studies / Interstellar Flight: Discovering the Limits of the Possible (pdf)

Dr Carol Norberg / UmeƄ University / Space Research and Education Opportunities in Northern Sweden (pdf)

Dan Nevius / University of Cambridge / Lunar 3D Printing: Launch Less by Launching More (pdf)

Michael Zwach / SEDS-USA / SEDS-USA and International (pptx)

Nicholas Phillips, James Savage & Ashley Whetter / JA & University of Bristol / The Pocket Mission Control App (ppt)

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