UKSEDS National Rocketry Championship 2014 Winner


Drum roll please…  UKSEDS National Rocketry Championship 2014 is now over and we are proud to announce that we have a winner. All the glory, bragging rights and trophy for the Championship goes to StrathSEDS our Strathclyde University branch. Their rocket aptly named ‘JUST TESTING’, as we hope to see more from them, reached an altitude of […]

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Microgravity Opportunity for University students

Credit: ESA

The European Space Agency (ESA) has announced the seventh edition of the Drop Your Thesis! programme. Through this programme, a team of university students will be given the opportunity to carry out their experiment in microgravity using the ZARM Drop Tower in Bremen, Germany. This facility with a height of 146 metres is one of the tallest […]

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Project Dragonfly Design Competition

Credit: I4IS

The Initiative for Interstellar Studies (I4IS) have now officially launched the Project Dragonfly design competition in the context of the Alpha Centauri Prize awards. The winning team will be the first to receive a newly-developed design award Project Dragonfly is a feasibility study for an interstellar mission, conducted by small, distributed spacecraft, propelled primarily by laser sails. The spacecraft […]

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XRT-C Project Kickstarter


Yesterday the Exeter Radio Telescope at Caradon (XRT-C) Project launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to reach their £2100 target to raise funds for the dish of a radio telescope for use by students in the UK. The XRT-C project is an official UKSEDS national project, led by a group of students from the University of Exeter in Devon, with an aim to […]

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PushTribe: an online project platform

Credit: PushTribe

A UKSEDS alumnus, Daniel Nevius (UCL, Cambridge) has been working on a website called Pushtribe ( which could be useful for the SEDS community. Essentially it is an online platform where people can post updates about the projects they are working on to keep their mentors and networks up-to-date and easily ask for their input. […]

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Join a REXUS/BEXUS Team!

REXUS/BEXUS logo. Credit: ESA

We just received this message from our Nottingham branch who got in touch to invite other UKSEDS branches to take part in a REXUS/BEXUS project. See our previous article on REXUS/BEXUS opportunities and read below to join a team: Dear all, We are a group of Engineering and Science students from the University of Nottingham […]

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UKSEDS Projects: XRT-C July Update


Exeter Student Radio Telescope to be built at Caradon Observatory A team of intrepid students are set to herald a new era of astronomy at the University of Exeter after securing a special partnership with the South West’s newest observatory. The group, called eXeter Radio Telescope at Caradon (XRT-C), have teamed up with Caradon Observatory […]

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Sounding Rockets and Stratospheric Balloons opportunities for University students

REXUS/BEXUS logo. Credit: ESA

REXUS/BEXUS call for proposals The European Space Agency (ESA), in collaboration with the Swedish National Space Board (SNSB) and the German Aerospace Center (DLR), is currently accepting proposals for the eighth edition of the REXUS/BEXUS programme (Rocket and Balloon EXperiments for University Students)*. UKSEDS encourages its members and branches to take part. Past UKSEDS projects include: PoleCATS, Conceptual […]

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Robot Controller Board Survey

Prototype robot controller board. Credit: Aron Kidsi

A small and friendly team of robotics engineers at the Science & Technology Facilities Council (STFC) are designing a cool new product for robotics and other applications like home automation. They are working on a generalised controller board with a lot of features integrated into a very small package. The board has all the functionality to drive a […]

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Feature Article: High interest rates decouple Astronauts from their wallets!

The International Space Station on 23 May 2010 as seen from the departing Space Shuttle Atlantis during STS-132. Credit: NASA

It is not the sort of dilemma that one expects when you’re 250 miles above the Earth travelling over 17,000 miles per hour in a hailstorm of cosmic radiation, but the inescapable truth is that our bold astronauts are facing quite the financial pickle. In today’s complex financial age where every Earthling must manage an […]

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Join the Worldwide GLOBE at Night 2014 Campaign!


You are invited to participate in an international astronomy programme called GLOBE at Night. You can join volunteers from 115 countries around the world by measuring light pollution effects in your area. E-mail: if you are interested in joining the UKSEDS team. GLOBE at Night is free and easy for you, your friends and […]

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