AstRoSoc Project Aether Success!


Students from our University of Leicester Branch – AstRoSoc, have filmed breathtaking footage of the Earth’s curvature, using a high altitude weather balloon. The unmanned balloon and sensor payload reached an altitude of 23.6km, putting it at 1.7 times the altitude ceiling of a 747 airliner. In conditions close to a vacuum with ambient temperatures around -56oC […]

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Winner of National Rocketry Championship 2015 – 16


UKSEDS is pleased to announce the 2015 – 2016 winner of the National Rocketry Championship: Cranfield Space Program with their rocket, Rockety McRocketface to a winning apogee of 828 meters. If you are interested in entering the 2016 – 17 National Rocketry Championship, check out the rules. Motor: Cesaroni two-grain G126 White Thunder Length: 62 cm Maximum […]

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National Rocketry Championships 2015-16


UKSEDS are today launching the third National Rocketry Championship. This is an exciting competition for student groups from around the UK to compete and show off their rocketry skills. This year, it is being supported by the Royal Aeronautical Society Centennial Fund. This year teams are challenged with designing, building and launching a mid-power rocket […]

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UKSEDS National Rocketry Championship 2014-15 Winner!

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 09.38.18

Please hold on to your fins… UKSEDS National Rocketry Championship 2014-15 is now over and we are proud to announce that we have a winner. Look on in awe at the team that will be clad in golden light, their heads adorned with centering rings and epoxy stuck to their fingers forever. The Champions for […]

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Surrey EARS High Altitude Balloon flight


  On the 7th June 2015 EARS travelled to Cambridgeshire to launch a high altitude balloon (HAB). On this occasion our HAB was carrying a payload for a company called Databarracks and for the Surrey Space Center. Databarracks had requested that we fly a Microsoft Server 2003 DVD case to help them commemorate the end of […]

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XRT-C: Time to start building!


Over the past couple of months, there have been lots of exciting developments in the XRT-C project. We’ve been busy ordering components and planning foundation digging trips, and very nearly have all the pieces we need to put together a radio telescope. The first thing to arrive was the dish, ordered from RF Hamdesign in […]

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Project Dragonfly: Sail to the Stars!


A team of space engineers are collaborating in an interesting study to find solutions for methods to explore the Centauri star system. The Centauri star system is 4.3 lightyears away from Earth, and the challenge lies in sending a spacecraft which has to travel through the interstellar medium, survive the long journey and then explore […]

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XRT-C: Amplifiers – Temperamental, but Necessary


by Sam Morrell – XRT-C Science, Outreach and Press & Publicity teams. XRT-C members were given a demonstration of a working radio telescope at the University of Exeter by lecturer and veteran radio astronomer, Dr. Chris Brunt. Throughout the demonstration, Chris stressed the importance of high quality electronics and a low noise environment for your telescope. […]

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UKSEDS Branch Project Grants Available


Almost all hands-on projects undertaken by UKSEDS members are run by our branches. We therefore offer funding to branches in order to support these activities in the form of a Branch Project Grant. Student Unions are more willing to support existing society activities which have a successful record. The grant aims to provide branches with […]

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Help Grow #LettuceOnMars


Students at Southampton University’s Spaceflight Society (UKSEDS affiliated branch) need your help now to win an international competition and send lettuce to Mars. Their plan involves growing lettuce aeroponically using the Martian atmosphere in a small growth chamber. Their proposal has passed technical review, they now simply need to win the public vote. Suzanna Lucarotti (Project […]

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Project ReMoTe


University of Leicester AstRoSoc will be leading one of its largest space project this year, with 120 physics undergraduates and 5 engineering students. The project called “ReMoTe” (Re-Construction and Modification of the Radio Telescope) aims to rebuild the radio telescope owned by the Department of Physics and Astronomy of the University of Leicester. The project will […]

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