UKSEDS Project Competition

UKSEDSAt yesterday’s Workshop we announced our new Project Competition open to all UKSEDS branches.

Simply come up with an excellent idea for a branch project, create a project outline and submit it to the UKSEDS Committee. We will then select the best idea(s) and present your branch with up to £500 to be put towards the cost of making your project a reality.

Competition Timetable

19 November                             Competition Announced

31 December                             Closing Date for Entries

February                                     Winner Announced


Project Outline
There is no required format for this, but it should include the following.

  • A description of the project including how you intend to carry it out (demonstrating that it is technically feasible).
  • A list of equipment required and a reasonable estimate of the cost, as well as detailing other potential or existing sources of funding.
  • If additional help is required (e.g. access to facilities, licence etc) details of how this will be obtained.
  • An outline of how you will share your project with the wider community (This could be talking to or involving local schools/scouts etc., blog/website/Twitter, talking on local radio…use your imagination).
  • How you could potentially cooperate with other branches and their members, and the benefit the project brings to UKSEDS nationally
  • A list of any potential risks if any e.g. safety issues, not getting required licence etc.
  • Contact details – including a main and secondary contact with an email address and phone number for each.

As a rough guide we would not expect the Outline to be more than 3 sides of A4.

Outlines should be submitted electronically to

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